Friday, November 19, 2010

More Thanks...

Today's thanks:

Cole - I am thankful for P.E. class because I get to be with my friends, play games with them, and run around.

Chase - I am thankful for Edie helping me learn to talk.  Now I can let Mommy know when I need and want something.  And boy, do I ever let her know :)

Jenn - I used to take living in the USA for granted.  In the past couple of years, I've become very thankful for living here and for the Founding Fathers and all they did to give us this place where we can be free.

Yesterday's thanks:

Cole - I am thankful for Mom Mom, Poppy, Grandma, and Grandpa because they are great grandparents and they sometimes give me treats.

Chase - I am thankful for hockey jerseys because without them what else would I want to wear everyday?

Jenn - I am thankful for these two faces who make me smile (at least once) every day:

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