Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Three Favorite Valentines

Valentine's Day has never been a favorite holiday of mine.  Not until we had Cole and Chase anyway.  Now I'm a sap and love it.  Even though there is rarely an hour that goes by when we're together that the words "I love you" aren't said to the boys, it's still nice to have this day to do some special things.  Since Scott won't be home til late tonight because of practice, last night we made pizza together - dough and all.  It was really fun to have all 4 of us in the kitchen working together.  Scott and Chase made one pizza, Cole and I made the other.  Not that it was a competition at all, but mine and Cole's was better.  Did I say that out loud?

Last night I asked Cole to name five things he loved.  Here is his list:

1) My family
2) Sports
3) Playing with Chase
4) Playing with friends
5) the Steelers

He went over it with me to be sure I had the proper order.

Then I asked Chase, "Chase, what do you love?"  His responses, completely unsolicited (honestly):

1) Mommy
2) Daddy
3) Coley

He was done after that.  I asked if he loved puzzles and he said yes.  Cole asked if he loved sports and he said yes.  I asked if he loved to poop and he said, "Yes........NO! Silly Mommy!"

Happy Valentine's Day to you!! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


While trying to add these pictures to the top of my blog, I somehow screwed the whole thing up.  I am working to try and figure out how to get it back.  So until then, the header will be off-center and the background plain :(

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I got this idea from the Clover Lane blog who is doing a linkup on another blog about favorite things.  It kind of fits in with the thankful theme, so thought I'd share this with you.  The following are some of the things I have that I use a lot and love (in no particular order).

Silpada bangle bracelet:

I love bangle bracelets and the way they sound.  This is a bracelet I wanted for a couple of years but the price was a little steep on this stay-at-home mom's budget so I never thought it'd be mine.  However, on our 11th Anniversary, Scott surprised me with it.  He remembered that this is the bracelet I had been drooling over and called Teresa (sister-in-law Silpada rep) and ordered it.  I now wear it almost every day.  Love the way it looks and the bangle sound it makes - very quiet but perfect.

G2 Swivel Sweeper:
This is the zamboni that Chase and I both love that I blogged about before.  It is used a lot in our house.  By both me and Chase. Even with half of a handle it's still loved.

Amazon Kindle:

Scott surprised me with this out-of-the-blue one day I was always hesitant because I thought I wouldn't like not having an actual book in my hands.  However, I love it!  Being a person who always loses my bookmark or would fall asleep reading and lose my page, this takes care of that problem.  It also takes care of finishing one book and not having another to start (seriously, a big problem for me.  I NEED to read).  It is also much easier to hold than a book.  Oh, and there are some free game downloads that I like to play on here, too. 

Bath and Body Works Frozen Blackberry Lip Gloss:

Lacy introduced me to this fabulous shade of lip color last year that I now use every day. I ran out to B&BW and bought a few and I'm glad I did.  I think it may be discontinued this year.  Thanks to ebay I got a couple of more yesterday so I should be set for a while.

Brother Label Maker:

This is something I got a few years ago and now that I am on a decluttering and organizing kick, I've pulled it back out and I fell in love all over again. Now if I just put the items back in their labeled "homes", all will be good.

Last but certainly not least

My camera:

Since my memories are recalled mainly from pictures, taking photos is really important to me. I got this camera over 5 years ago.  Now 30,000+ pictures later, I'm ready for a new one.  This one has been a little sick and isn't taking pictures as well as it used to.  After much searching and research on buying a new one, I decided that this one has served me well and takes great pictures, so I am going to go with the new version of this one that has a 24X zoom. Plus, this one is much easier on the wallet than the DSL that I originally wanted. 

What are your favorite things?

Friday, November 19, 2010

More Thanks...

Today's thanks:

Cole - I am thankful for P.E. class because I get to be with my friends, play games with them, and run around.

Chase - I am thankful for Edie helping me learn to talk.  Now I can let Mommy know when I need and want something.  And boy, do I ever let her know :)

Jenn - I used to take living in the USA for granted.  In the past couple of years, I've become very thankful for living here and for the Founding Fathers and all they did to give us this place where we can be free.

Yesterday's thanks:

Cole - I am thankful for Mom Mom, Poppy, Grandma, and Grandpa because they are great grandparents and they sometimes give me treats.

Chase - I am thankful for hockey jerseys because without them what else would I want to wear everyday?

Jenn - I am thankful for these two faces who make me smile (at least once) every day:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We are Thankful For...

For the next week or so, I thought I'd post what we (Cole, Chase and I) are thankful for.  Obviously Chase has no clue what I'm talking about when I ask him what he's thankful for so I'll write what I think he'd say if he could talk.  Given Chase's personality, his thankfulness should be quite funny.  Oh, and if you're wondering why Scott's isn't here, it's because, ummm...Well, it's because....hmmm...Oh, I can't make excuses. This just isn't his cup of tea. So here goes...

Cole - I am thankful for my family because I am lucky to have them.  I'm lucky that my mom doesn't have a job and she can pick me up after school so I don't have to ride the bus.   

Chase - I am thankful for the days we don't have to leave the house because I always want to be at "Mommy's house".  If we stay home,  I don't have to fold my arms across my chest and say, "No leave.  Stay Mommy's house." 

Me - I am going to skip the obvious family one because it is a given I am thankful for them.  So I will try to challenge myself to think of less obvious ones.  I am thankful for a great hockey schedule this fall and only having one weekend of away games.  This has been almost heavenly.  Now, if they could just change the late practice days...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Family Is In a Book. Kind of.

One of Chase's favorite books is called Home Run by David Diehl. This is a really simple book with each page having a picture and just one or two words.  He used to "read" the words as they were intended, but lately he's changed it up a bit.  Now while reading, Chase has assigned family members to each of the players in the book.  Thought I'd share them with you.  Look under each picture to see who it is. Enjoy!

The book:


       Mom Mom (she will be asked to demonstrate this later)

Cole (again)

Mom Mom (again)

Mom Mom (yet again) is on the bench and can you guess who the coach is?  The resemblance is uncanny.  It's Pop Pop. Pop Pop is actually the original "star".  He has been named as one of the characters since the beginning.


Daddy (again)

As you can see, I am not in the book. I asked Chase if Mommy was in it at all and he said "No. No Mommy."  I guess my role is the reader. I'm good with that.  Cause then I get the snuggles, too. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You!

Our family just wants to say THANK YOU to all of those who have served our country so that we can have the freedoms that are so precious. Your sacrifices are appreciated more than you will ever know.  Thank you!

It is also Remembrance Day in Canada and since half of our family is Canadian, we want to thank all of those who also served in Canada.  Thank you.

Cole and Chase show their love of the USA: