Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I got this idea from the Clover Lane blog who is doing a linkup on another blog about favorite things.  It kind of fits in with the thankful theme, so thought I'd share this with you.  The following are some of the things I have that I use a lot and love (in no particular order).

Silpada bangle bracelet:

I love bangle bracelets and the way they sound.  This is a bracelet I wanted for a couple of years but the price was a little steep on this stay-at-home mom's budget so I never thought it'd be mine.  However, on our 11th Anniversary, Scott surprised me with it.  He remembered that this is the bracelet I had been drooling over and called Teresa (sister-in-law Silpada rep) and ordered it.  I now wear it almost every day.  Love the way it looks and the bangle sound it makes - very quiet but perfect.

G2 Swivel Sweeper:
This is the zamboni that Chase and I both love that I blogged about before.  It is used a lot in our house.  By both me and Chase. Even with half of a handle it's still loved.

Amazon Kindle:

Scott surprised me with this out-of-the-blue one day I was always hesitant because I thought I wouldn't like not having an actual book in my hands.  However, I love it!  Being a person who always loses my bookmark or would fall asleep reading and lose my page, this takes care of that problem.  It also takes care of finishing one book and not having another to start (seriously, a big problem for me.  I NEED to read).  It is also much easier to hold than a book.  Oh, and there are some free game downloads that I like to play on here, too. 

Bath and Body Works Frozen Blackberry Lip Gloss:

Lacy introduced me to this fabulous shade of lip color last year that I now use every day. I ran out to B&BW and bought a few and I'm glad I did.  I think it may be discontinued this year.  Thanks to ebay I got a couple of more yesterday so I should be set for a while.

Brother Label Maker:

This is something I got a few years ago and now that I am on a decluttering and organizing kick, I've pulled it back out and I fell in love all over again. Now if I just put the items back in their labeled "homes", all will be good.

Last but certainly not least

My camera:

Since my memories are recalled mainly from pictures, taking photos is really important to me. I got this camera over 5 years ago.  Now 30,000+ pictures later, I'm ready for a new one.  This one has been a little sick and isn't taking pictures as well as it used to.  After much searching and research on buying a new one, I decided that this one has served me well and takes great pictures, so I am going to go with the new version of this one that has a 24X zoom. Plus, this one is much easier on the wallet than the DSL that I originally wanted. 

What are your favorite things?

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