What is a hockey widow?

A hockey widow is a woman who is essentially without a husband during the hockey season.  For our family, this means we get just a little Daddy-time from September thru April, with a few days in December added in as a treat. Between the recruiting, practice schedule and game schedule, Scott is not home much.  However, because he loves his job so much and we get the perk of free hockey tickets, we are understanding and supportive.  It's hard to be what feels like a single mom for such a long stretch, and come February I am really ready to have Scott home on a more regular basis, but we make do. This blog will mainly be what the boys and I are doing, but I'm sure there will be some "observations" on the stress I sometimes feel being a Hockey Widow.  While those times may appear unbecoming, please bear with me and I will be my normal charming self in another post or two.