Friday, October 8, 2010

The Many Talents of Chase

Yesterday was one of those days that I really love cell phones with video capability.  I managed to get not just one, but TWO videos of Chase showing of some of his many "talents". 

As we were walking to the Tech Decks in Target (a favorite of Cole and Chase), Chase spied a new fun toy! A dancing Mickey Mouse.  I thought for sure he would run away saying, "Done. Leave. Go home." But as you can see in the video he joined right in and got down with Mickey. (Sorry about it being sideways - trying to get Chase AND Mickey in the video.) AHHHHHHH!!!! After trying several things and reading that many people have this issue, I still can not get sound on the videos. So on the Mickey Mouse one, please imagine Mickey gettin' down to some Latin and Hip-hop music. Sorry.

I may have to go to Target every day now just to watch him. Although, with the amont of money I spend each time I go to Target, I think it would be more financially responsible to just buy Mickey!

Video 2:
Last night Chase had a great surprise when we got to football and his buddy, Kennedy, was there. He loves playing with her and it's great for me because I can actually watch Cole's game. 

You can see he has fun with her!

Whenever we go to Cole's practice, Chase has to bring his own football to play with.  Kennedy plays with him almost the whole time and he just loves it.  Tonight he was practicing his punting and I managed to get it on video.  Now, I am by no means an expert, but I think this is pretty darn good for a newly-2 year old. 

Pretty cool, right?

I can just hear myself saying to the boys someday, "When I was little, you couldn't take a movie with your phone. You couldn't even carry your phone around with you."  The horror!

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  1. Your editing skills are awesome. There is NO WAY a 2-year-old has that kind of hand/eye coordination...... :) Great job, Chaser!