Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hockey Widow...Again

Boo hoo hoo. Scott is away again.  He is in Toronto and we are left here in Dryden by ourselves. Again. Ok, not really by ourselves because Mom Mom and Poppy are coming today so we only had 1.5 days alone before he comes back around 1:00am Sunday. But I will still miss him.  When do I miss him the most? At times like:

- when I hear a noise in the middle of the night and am sure it's no longer just the three of us in the house

- when it's dinner time and I have to figure out what we'll have AND prepare it (or run to the drive-thru all by myself - geez!)

- when it's been a long day and the countdown to 5:30pm (until practice starts then 6:30 or 8:00) doesn't matter because relief isn't coming

- when I feel like I can't clean another minute without losing my mind because Dr. Destructo is right behind me undoing all I've done

- when I'm about to blow my stack because Cole has once again body-slammed Chase without understanding his own strength and my patience are just about GONE!!!!!!

- when Chase wakes up 4 times a night and then for good at 5:55am

- when Cole says he misses Scott and then Chase says "Daddy. Daddy. Home."

- when all they want is a hug from Daddy and all the hugs from Mommy just aren't the same.
- when...ok, all the time he's gone he is missed.

But I also know that as hard as it is on me and the boys, it's just as hard, if not harder, for him to be away from us.  Because really?! Who wouldn't have a hard time being away from me? Ha!  But seriously, Scott: we miss you and know you have to be away, we'll be just fine, but we can't wait til you get back. Oh, and hopefully you find some good recruits so it'll be worth it. Hee hee :)

Oh, and I put the text in larger letters so the "elderly" can read it easier. Aren't I funny?

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