Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're In Canada, EH?

I really need to clarify - we are in Goderich, Ontario, Canada.  Simply saying we are in "Canada" would be like saying we are going to the "United States" for vacation - not very specific.  So, anyway, we are in Goderich visiting Scott's parents while Scott coaches a hockey camp here. 

Our drive took us quite a bit longer than normal because of a massive community yard sale that lasted about 30 miles up the side of Lake Cayuga.  We even saw a convertible Lamborghini for sale at one of them.  Seriously.  Apparently that wasn't your average yard sale.  Up the road a bit there was a measly little Cadillac Escalade.  We offered them $100 for the Lamborghini but they didn't take it.  Imagine that! 

The boys were great on the drive despite the length.  Chase found a really cool new toy to play with in the car.  You take a full orange tangerine juice box and shake it and then squirt it on the windows and on yourself.  It may have been messy and sticky, but boy did he laugh and managed to keep himself entertained for a good 15 minutes.  And bonus: the car has a lovely orange smell to it.  Ha!  We made it after almost 8 hours in the car.

The boys have been in the driveway all day today playing hockey and we are going to head to the beach for a while.  I hope to be able to upload some pictures tomorrow if all goes well. 

Grandpa taped a regulation-sized net on the carport wall

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