Sunday, July 18, 2010



Today is the big day - it's the boys' birthday! Cole is now 7 and Chase is now 2. They both got some great gifts from us and from Mom Mom and Poppy this morning. Aunt Allison also sent gifts - thanks Aunt Allison. Cole actually got his main gifts from Scott and me yesterday. He's been wanting a 1st baseman's glove and a new bat. We ended getting him both and giving them to him yesterday to use at his party.

After Chase opened his presents, he opened the bag they were in and said, "More!". He's been quite happy with his trains, puzzle and football passer he got.


Cole's party went off without a hitch. The weather was great (sunny and high 80s - luckily most kids don't mind being hot), the turnout was great, and the baseball was great.

We started the party at the Wall Street ball field and despite the heat, it was really fun. After a little batting practice they split into the two teams, gray and white, and the "game" began. They played two innings and everyone got a turn at bat each inning - somehow Chase managed to play for both teams so got extra turns at bat. (That boy loves baseball already.) Cole would have preferred two more innings but we had to get going.

Cole and Uncle Art

                                              Looks like Chase is about to steal a base

      Even though it was 90 degrees, that didn't stop Cole from putting on the catcher's gear.

Our next venue was Montgomery Park for cake and ice cream, whacking open the pinata and playing on the playground. On the invitation it said that we were going to walk to Montgomery Park. It turned out that there were many parents that stayed so there were enough cars to transport all the "players". However, that was QUICKLY vetoed because the kids thought it was cool to walk there so off we went and they were awesome!

                                                                That's Cole on the cake
Everything at the park went well and it seemed like everyone had a great time. Friends were very generous with gifts and he is quite a lucky boy. I'm sure we will be hearing for days to come "Can we go to Dick's? Can we go to Dick's?" since he received a few Dick's gift cards. Those'll just be burning a hole in his pocket, for sure.

That night, with my parents and Art, Judy and Kelly, we sang Happy Birthday to Chase and did he ever love that! He asked for us to repeat the singing multiple times, including instructing Kelly to turn off the light while we sang. They also gave the boys some really terrific gifts. We are so glad they could be here with us this weekend. It was a perfect addition to the weekend.

                                                                        Chase's cake

It was a great day and Cole is already planning next year's team rosters. He said it was a great birthday party and since that's what matters most, we count it a success!!!

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  1. Looks like so much fun. I'm very sad we missed it! Happy birthday guys! We miss you and will share our gifts with you soon! Love, TLCCC