Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Countdown is On

Only 3 more days til the big day in the Garrow house - Cole and Chase's birthday! We are busily working to plan Cole's party on Saturday. He is having the same type of party as last year - a baseball game party! There will be two teams - one gray and one white - and the name of the teams are both Cole's Phillies. Thanks to Uncle Joe and Aunt Teresa and their awesome design skills, the shirts are going to be really cool! As of right now the weather report is calling for cloudy and warm. Yay! If it rains it will be a skating party and I'm really not looking forward to trying to gather that many pairs of skates. I guess I worry because you know how accurate the weather predictions are this year. Not accurate at all. I'd feel better if they said it was going to rain, then it probably wouldn't. But, it's probably all because of global warming, right? Oh, wait. Don't get me started on that. That's for my other blog.

Cole at 6th birthday party

Chase on 1st birthday. Boy, has he ever changed. Don't you love the mullet?

Check back on Saturday or Sunday for pictures from this year's party.


  1. Those boys are soooo cute! I can't imagine they'd be any cuter this year.

  2. So I actually put that comment up there so I could see if I got notified in my email inbox that a comment was made. But they are "sooooo cute". hee hee

  3. They ARE cute.... very cute and we miss them!